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Ep 1.  A new beginning
  • An introduction to climate restoration (we don't have a choice)

  • Imagine the world we can have

  • Why emission reductions aren't enough

  • The last 1,000,000 years: How nature has balanced CO2 and nature

  • Four viable paths to climate restoration

  • Imagining the future

Ep 2.  All about methane
  • Why methane is such a problem

  • Methane 'hotspots': thawing permafrost

  • How nature manages methane

  • Methane removal options

  • Imagining the future 

  • Methane removal effects on global heating

Ep 3.  The oceans: permaculture and sequestration
  • Overview of the ocean system and how it became depleted

  • Natural methods of sequestration through seaweed

  • Climate restoration via kelp cultivation

  • Climate restoration through sargassum

  • Imagining the future 

  • Funding and employment opportunities 

Ep 4.  Ocean iron fertilization
  • Overview of ocean iron fertilization

  • How nature fertilizes the oceans - from the sands of the Sahara to baleen whales 

  • The challenges of past attempts at ocean iron fertilization 

  • The key players on current research

  • Imagining the future 

  • The broader benefits of a fertile ocean