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Integrated flood plain management

A video insight

Client: Snohomish Conservation District

RFP:     SCDRFP22101

Cover Page:

Company Details

Transmediavision USA is a S Corporation, registered in Washington State, 

Registered office:
505 Upland Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

602 South 1st Street, Mount Vernon WA
Principal Director:
John Bowey 360 712 9919


Company overview

Short film for Population Health Trust, to highlight challenges of 'houselessness'.

A convergence of personal stories and statistic paint illustrate that in most cases, homelessness is a circumstance rather than a condition.


I created this film for NSF to highlight the concept of 'Open Knowledge Network' systems

‘Transmediavision’ refers to how the information and stories we share can be told across many media: web, cable, broadcast, social media, radio, TV. The tagline ‘Engage and Transform’ reflects our intent to create meaningful content, supporting positive change through emotional engagement, deeper understanding and behavior change.


There are as many ways to tell a story as there are styles and formats. And each story is a unique blend, informed by the intended audience and underlying take-home messages.


This is how we approach each project…

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