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About us

We're a small company working on the big issues of society, the planet and climate. We do short-form and full-length feature documentaries, immersive educational and experiential installations, cultural storytelling, and communications strategy.  

We produce our own original content, and provide production services to organizations.

Our aim is to

- engage and transform - 

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John Bowey

Founder, director & producer

John assembles bespoke teams of award-winning creative associates for each project in order to keep skills, quality, and cost-effectiveness attuned to each project. 

From John Bowey's IMDb page:


Filmmaker and multimedia director John Bowey of Transmediavision USA works on big-picture issues challenging society today, from conflict resolution, identity and history, to sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, consciousness, health/ wellness, technology, science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and interfaith dialogue. John grew up in the UK, Nigeria and Zambia, and has designed, directed and produced abundant film, TV, and musical creative and technical productions in Hollywood, the Middle East, South and West Africa, and the Pacific Northwest - including documentaries, live TV series and concerts. In South Africa's post-apartheid democratic transition, John directed circa 100 episodes of a daily series there, People of the South, aimed at truth, atonement and reconciliation - with guests such as President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and President Thabo Mbeki. John has also worked with artists such as U2, Peter Gabriel and Tina Turner in the USA and Africa, traveled and worked twice with the Dalai Lama and the Tibet House team, and designed and produced immersive virtual reality experiences in the Middle East for high-end science centers and museums. John now produces and directs documentaries around social and environmental crises, and opportunities to resolve them. He and his team presented the trailer for Back to Our Future, their latest, hopeful and inspiring series on climate restoration at the UN Climate Summit, COP27 in Egypt in November 2022, and a trailer featuring narrator Peter Coyote aired at Cannes in May 2023.

We also do impactful work in the innovation and entrepreneurship space. 

We've helped over 100 startups in the USA, South Africa and the Middle East to develop their story and produced affordable videos for them. Whether it’s a pitch video to raise awareness and funding, or a product video to market your product or service, we can help you engage more strategically and effectively.

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Our Clients

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