A refreshing look at recovery

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Engage is a weekly video series exploring key issues around addiction and recovery in the Pacific Northwest - one region experiencing a global problem, with many universal solutions.

Finding, exploring, challenging - and celebrating recovery

Episode 4: Housing, care and recovery


If your injury is physical, people usually give you the space to heal, but if your injury is emotional, there’s a lot less support around. And that’s how it is for people coming out of addiction treatment – the wounds that need to heal are invisible and the road to recovery is long.

This episode looks at housing and secondary care needs for people early in recovery. We look at the care and compassion, as well as the economics and common sense of providing support, which helps avoid relapse and further burdens to society.


You can only be a part of the solution if you understand the problem, so please watch and share this episode.


I spoke with Alan Muia and Kendra Lehmann of New Earth Recovery, which is one of a number of recovery homes in the North West. We discussed some of the many challenges that recovery houses face, as well as some of the many benefits to those in recovery who need ongoing secondary care and shelter.

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Episode 3: Love, relationships & Recovery

Episode 3: Trailer

Relationships are such a central part of our lives. They can lead you into trouble, chaos and misery - and of course, they're at the core of what gives us love, happiness and meaning.


In terms of recovery, the advice is to steer clear of close relationships in early recovery. But of course, there's always an exception to the rule, and in this regard, I interviewed 2 couples who were in relationships with each other during active addiction and are now, , years later, married with children. One of the many points that came out of the discussion was that the two couples realized that they had to separate for a period of time during their treatments, in order to focus on their own recovery. 

If you're in early recovery and thinking about having a relationship - or you're in a relationship, I think you'll find this episode interesting.

Episode 2: Nutrition & recovery

Episode 2: Trailer

One of the best ways to support quality recovery is through healthy nutrition. Apart from damaging your health, addictive foods full of sugar or unhealthy fats lead to cravings, which can be a one-way ticket to relapse. 

Holistic nutritional therapy practitioner and recovery coach, DARCI RIDENHOUR shares her experience and wisdom regarding ways to immediately improve the QUALITY and success of recovery, through easy to follow (and stick to!) nutritional steps. Darci is joined by two women who have benefited from her nutritional counseling, Tammy Salinas and Rosemary Jarrells.

This episode is for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, whether or not they have a substance use disorder.

Episode 1: Mothers of addicts

Episode 1: Links & resources

To support parents whose children are fighting a substance use disorder.

Episode 1: Trailer

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Addiction doesn't just affect the addict - it affects everyone in their social circle. Mothers of addicts, in particular, deal with so much.  to deal with... In addition to their fears and the many challenges of supporting their child, they often face terrible stigma and judgment.  

John Bowey talks to three mothers about their journeys with addicted children. Judi lost her son, Landon to a heroin overdose five years ago. Patti lost her son Ben to a heroin overdose two and a half years ago, and has another child in active addiction. Patti B has a daughter now in recovery for over a year.

I cannot comprehend the pain and turmoil these mothers have endured, or fully grasp the courage and strength they have shown by sharing their stories.

This film isn't a warning - it's a resource and a story of hope to thousands of other parents out there, undergoing similar experiences.

Episode 2: Links & resources

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