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Finding, exploring, challenging - and celebrating recovery

A video series taking a refreshing look at recovery

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'Engage' is a talk-show that combines experience with knowledge, and exploration through the facilitation of a presenter posing questions to a specialist in a particular field, and a person in recovery that has direct experience of the subject being discussed. 


Regardless of how good your marketing and distribution is, there’s a big difference between sharing information, and getting people to absorb the information that’s being shared.

Video presentations are generally just illustrated statements, which can be efficient from a time point of view, but often lack the ability to engage with the listener. Talk-shows, on the other hand, allow for a far greater engagement, as conversation is an exploration, as opposed to  a definitive statement.


One of the most important aspects of recovery meetings is the value that people in recovery put on listening to the experiences and advice of those in longer-term recovery.


Engage is an on-going series that explores the challenges and possibilities of recovery from substance use disorder. Although the series is produced in the Pacific Northwest, the subjects covered, are universal.

Each episode of Engage is produced as a media package.


Cross-pollination of media assets is an effective way of leveraging content and marketing, so we produce a range of media content on each subject


Engage is an ongoing series, with the next package of 7 episodes consisting of the following elements 


  1. Talk show of Between 12 and 25 minutes duration

  2. 2-minute narrated overview video of the subject

  3. 1-minute audio overview of the subject

  4. 2 30 second video promos of the program, to be used for social media promotion

  5. 3 Graphic images with text, and link to each of the above elements


1.   The talk show


Our talk-show structure combines experience, knowledge, and exploration, with a moderator (presenter) leading a conversation between an expert in a particular field, and a person in recovery who has first-hand experience.


Opening key statement representative of episode (taken from main body of program)

Opening title sequence incorporating narration & montage

Studio: Introduction to guests and overview of episode

Studio: Discussion

Studio: Resources / toolbox options

Studio: Concluding, takeaway message


Although not dealing with recovery, this episode

on transgender issues uses the above-mentioned

structure. The video has received 13,000 views on

Facebook, and 2,500 on YouTube.

 The upcoming 7 episodes of Engage comprise of the following:

A more detailed breakdown of each episode is available for discussion

2. The overview video

This video is a short, focused overview of the subject covered in the talk-show, and is intended to be distributed with the talk-show. Graphics, images and narration combine to explain the topic in terms of:

  • Definition

  • Challenges

  • Solutions

  • Resources


3.  The one-minute audio presentation

Like the short video, this audio is intended as a resource to inform and encourage people to find out more information about the subject.


4.  Video promos / trailers

Each talk-show episode will have two promotional trailers, covering the key aspects, with links to the episode video and the web archive page that hosts all the episodes.

Here is an example of a video promo for an

episode on relationships and recovery.


5.  Graphic image with text and link to content.

Similar to standard social media posts, the image, along with text and links, will reflect the content of the talk-show.

Other recovery-related and behavioral health programming produced by Transmediavision, most of which were funded by Transmediavision, including the first series of Engage


In memory of Ben

Love, relationships & recovery

Love, relationships & recovery trailer

Nutrition & recovery

Nutrition & recovery trailer

Housing, care and recovery


One of the best ways to support quality recovery is through healthy nutrition. Apart from damaging your health, addictive foods full of sugar or unhealthy fats lead to cravings, which can be a one-way ticket to relapse. 

Holistic nutritional therapy practitioner and recovery coach, Darci Ridenhour shares her experience and wisdom regarding ways to immediately improve the QUALITY and success of recovery, through easy to follow (and stick to!) nutritional steps. Darci is joined by two women who have benefited from her nutritional counseling, Tammy Salinas and Rosemary Jarrells.

This episode is for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, whether or not they have a substance use disorder.

Mothers of substance use dependents

Mothers of substance use dependents trailer

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