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Population Health Trust Skagit County

Love, relationships & recovery


The advice is to steer clear of close relationships in early recovery. I interviewed 2 couples who were in relationships with each other during active addiction and are now, , years later, married with children. One of the many points that came out of the discussion was that the two couples realized that they had to separate for a period of time during their treatments, in order to focus on their own recovery. 

Housing, care and recovery


This episode looks at housing and secondary care needs for people early in recovery. We look at the care and compassion, as well as the economics and common sense of providing support, which helps avoid relapse and further burdens to society.


I spoke with Alan Muia and Kendra Lehmann of New Earth Recovery, about some of the many challenges that recovery houses face, as well as some of the many benefits to those in recovery who need ongoing secondary care and shelter.

Nutrition & recovery


One of the best ways to support quality recovery is through healthy nutrition. Apart from damaging your health, addictive foods full of sugar or unhealthy fats lead to cravings, which can be a one-way ticket to relapse. 

DARCI RIDENHOUR shares her experience and wisdom regarding ways to immediately improve the QUALITY and success of recovery, through easy to follow nutritional steps. She is joined by Tammy Salinas and Rosemary Jarrells, who have benefited from her nutritional counseling,

Mothers of addicts


To support parents whose children are fighting a substance use disorder.

Mothers of addicts

Patti's Story - In memory of Ben

Judi's Story - In memory of Landon

Shannon's Story - In memory of Jesse

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