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Developing and producing a story, and then sharing it in a way that promotes meaningful change, is what we work towards. We work with our clients and associates to start with a clearly-articulated objective. Are you just creating awareness, raising funds, or creating a call to action?

With environmental conservation, the stakes are high for everyone. There's a responsibility of all filmmakers to support positive change by clearly setting out the problems and what needs to be done to address them.

Some of our clients & associates
BirdMatters video series

A weekly series exploring the world of birds and conservation: content ranged from using photography for research, citizen science projects, and recreational birdwatching.

Pacific Biodiversity Institute

We worked with PBI to develop a organizational awareness campaign across social media and live events, to rapidly improve their visibility and fundraising. There was very little existing footage from their past work, so we combined this with footage from Transmediavision's own archives and public stock libraries.

BirdLife International & Toyota

This project was recorded in several 'IBA's' - Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in South Africa, highlighting BirdLife South Africa's work on documenting and managing these vast and crucial conservation areas.

Transition Fidalgo & Friends

This video was produced with a local Transition Towns group to create greater awareness around citizen science, the role it plays in understanding and protecting the environment and wildlife - as well as a call to action for residents to become involved in citizen science.

The Nature Conservancy

This project was an initiative by TNC's 'Floodplains by Design' Program to help groups develop storytelling skills to more effectively share their stories and achieve their goals.

Surge flood sequences

This is one of a series of video sequences for the upcoming 'Surge 2018' installation at the Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA) in LaConner, Washington. The installations explore ways in which art and science can combine to share important issues around climate change and sea-level rise.

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