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Making documentaries draws attention to the big world out there - infinite combinations of people, places and circumstances. If you can let go of judgement, the insights and rewards are infinite.

The last visit

In 2004 the Dalai Lama made his last visit to South Africa, meeting with a wide range of politicians, spiritual leaders and positive change makers. This is a brief visual overview of the visit. 

Unfortunately, South Africa has bowed to pressure from China and refused to issue the Dalai Lama a visa for any future visits. We were approached by China to call off the 2004 visit, making us aware of how big an issue this is for China.

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What ever you say, I am!

Making this film traumatized me. I spent two weeks on the streets of Cape Town with a group of homeless children, recording their day to day lives, including experiences no child should ever endure. Two children working on the project died during the making of the video, and two others on the left, in the picture below - Zakie and Freda - have since died from AIDS-related illnesses.

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The raising of the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is yet another monument to excess - and an engineering marvel. Building an icon invariably puts one at odds with the laws of physics and the fundamentals of engineering. The Frame is now complete and has become a familiar fixture of the Dubai skyline. 

Shooting the project required a lot of time-lapse, drone work, and stair climbing on 40˚ C days. 

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Second time around

During the darkest years of apartheid, two young lovers had their marriage and lives torn apart when George was sent to the infamous Robben Island prison. His wife, Nomatemba, left him (it's complicated), but George never gave up the idea of getting her back - until 20 years later, when they remarried on Robben Island.

I filmed the wedding of George and Nomatemba as a favor - but as I got to know them and heard their story, the documentary was a foregone conclusion.

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The Robben Island Story

I had the honor of producing and directing the official Robben Island Story, commissioned by the Robben Island Museum - a World Heritage Site.

The Island has a long and painful history as a prison for South Africa, for the Dutch East India Company, and as a leprosy colony.

The image on the right is the corner of Mandela's cell, where he spent so many years.

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