Washington Peer Advancement Coalition
The organizers
On July 13th, we'll be hosting the first 'Peers Empowering Peers' conference in Spokane, Washington. This will be a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with your peers, attend workshops, and network over lunch and coffee-breaks.

The program

8:00 am


9:00 am

Opening session:

Welcome & keynote speaker

Welcome & keynote speaker & 15 min break

10:30 am

Workshops (60 minutes)

11:30 am


12:30 pm

Workshops (60 minutes)

1:30  pm


1:45  pm


3:00  pm

Closing, raffle & prizes, and more networking!

4:00  pm

Screening of movie - 'Crazywise'

The venue

2118 E Sprague

Spokane 99202

Street parking available