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This is where it all begins...


A monthly video magazine series

Following the journey from idea to market - combining marketing, information, resources & entertainment into a single 12-minute monthly package across multiple online platforms. 

Each episode includes:

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The innovator
The innovation
The investors
The accelerator
The experts

The human story behind each innovation. The challenges, the passion and everything in between as we learn about the behind the journey from idea to innovation and market.

A platform to promote innovation and entrepreneurship - What is an innovation about? What does it do? How does it do it? And why should I care? The fascinating world of clean tech and how it's addressing some of our fundamental challenges.

Angel, venture and clean tech investors share what they look for in a startup - and give invaluable practical advice.

Cleantech Open is the glue and foundation - pulling everything together - from structure and process, to investment, to what investors look for in a startup - this is the perfect platform to attract next year's teams.

A thousand years of combined experience - advice on agreements, how to sell, how to package, setting out a business plan... we bring together experts from around the clean tech world.

All these elements are creatively packaged into 12 minute episodes, and each story within an episode can be viewed separately in a longer form.

Each episode is introduced by presenters, who set up and provide context for each story.

Each episode is themed - types of technology, opportunities in the market, or issues driving change in the market.

The audience
  • New Cleantech startup teams
  • Cleantech alumni
  • Cleantech mentors
  • Specialist guest speakers
  • Insights
  • Commentary
The marketing
Episode One

The Upstarts content will appeal to a wide range of viewers:

  • Innovators

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Investors

  • Educators

  • General public

Trailer One

The Upstarts content will appeal to a wide range of viewers that would include:

  • CTO list of past & present participants

  • CTO Alumni

  • Sponsors & their networks

  • YouTube advertising

  • Facebook advertising

Benefits to sponsors

''The Upstarts' will be seen by a wide range of viewers and the exposure of sponsors would include:

  • Interviews with experts from sponsor's company

  • Sponsor branding on all program content

  • Sponsor branding on all marketing.

Benefits to Cleantech Open

In addition to CTO's regular marketing plan, 'The Upstarts' will offer a shop window into the process and the possibilities that CTO has to offer. Some of the benefits would include:

  • An understanding of how CTO works

  • Testimonials from CTO candidates

  • Interviews with CTO team, providing insights into the broader landscape of clean technology issues.

Benefits to Startups

Sharing the stories and products or services of startups will provide an additional platform for them to promote themselves and their innovations.

Program content

The overall direction of 'The Upstarts' is to share content that will assist startups along the road towards becoming a viable business.  As part of this process, the following topics will be spread through the series. Final content decisions would be guided by CTO.

  • Protecting your IP

  • Defining a business relationship

  • Drafting of founding agreements

  • Finding an attorney / negotiating a deal

  • Understanding obligations

  • Understanding patents and patent pending

  • Flexibility - your perceptions may differ from the advice you receive

  • Selling out: is this the endgame? Then what are the considerations?

  • How to sell your concept

  • Understanding your market

  • How to hire

  • Understanding the needs of the business

  • Defining the business

  • What support is available for startups?

  • Getting initial free or discounted financial guidance

  • What tax benefits are there for startups?

  • What does a business plan comprise?

  • What key elements do financiers look for in a startup?

  • What are some of the financial red flags?

  • Cash flow...

  • Types of investment / investors

Episode running order
Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.21.01 AM.png

One of the best forms of marketing is through the provision of useful, practical, irresistible and essential information.


'The Upstarts' will be marketed as a monthly video magazine using a newsletter format:


The single page online news magazine will provide an overview of the content and give viewers the option of a link to the full episode or a link to each story or interview as a longer, more in-depth version.

The linked newsletter will be sent to:

  • Existing database / list of Cleantech Open

  • Sponsors & mentors network

  • Paid advertisements on Google

  • Paid advertisements on Facebook

Aims of 'The Upstarts

To make the subject of clean technology more accessible to the public and in particular, illustrate its financial benefits and value to the environment.


To provide an additional platform for Startups and their products.


To develop an audience that includes the general public – and thus increasing the potential market for new clean tech ideas and businesses.


To assist in attracting enrollment for Cleantech Open 2019.

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