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A series about climate restoration - and survival
Back To Our Future

Transmediavision USA Inc in collaboration with Stable Planet Alliance (a nonprofit organization) are raising $731,000 to produce a 7-part series Back to Our Future and invite you to donate a tax-deductible donation of $50,000 or more.

The total budget for the series is $931,000.  We have currently raised $200,000, with Transmediavision bridging the balance, which allowed the production to commence in August 2022 and present an extended trailer at COP 27 in Egypt. The trailer was well received at COP 27, as well as in the broader scientific community.



Your gift that keeps on giving


Your donation and support of the Back to Our Future video series can have a profound tangible effect on how society responds to the urgency of the climate and social dilemmas that the world is now facing. 

In addition to helping to get the series completed and broadcast, you donation will continue to work, as 50% of any net profits (see definition of net profits) derived from the series will go to supporting much needed research and development in the fields of permanent carbon and methane oxidation.


Our mission with Back to Our Future is to show that there are solutions in development to return our climate back to pre-industrial levels, but the real challenge isn't just the science, it is the mindset of society. Back to Our Future addresses both dynamicallyin accessible language.

The production of the series is well underway, with the funding shortfall being bridged by Transmediavision.


The production has already recorded content around the globe with some of the world's top climate and climate related scientists, economists and entrepreneurs.

The series will be distributed globally and has the opportunity to make a significant difference in the public's understanding of where we really are in terms of our climate – and where we can be as a thriving society.


The technologies, thinking and approaches in this series have real potential to make climate restoration a familiar term – and support and inspire everyday people in their desire to engage in constructive activism and advocacy.


There is no time like the present – because the future depends on shifting the narrative to one where we succeed, even as current negotiations are failing.

Restoring the climate to levels last seen over 200 years ago is possible


We have collaborated with some of the top scientists, economists and innovators from the world of ecosystem-based climate restoration in an accurate, easy to understand roadmap to a future in which our climate, planet and society are stable - where our climate is restored to levels last seen before the industrial revolution (280 ppm of CO2).

Participants appearing in series


Professor Sir David King 

Professor Michael Mann

Professor Durwood Zaelke

Professor Rob Jackson

Professor Renaud de Richter

Professor Phoebe Barnard

Professor Victor Smetecek

Professor Ken Caldeira

Professor Katey Walter Anthony

Professor Bill Moomaw

Professor Bill Rees

Dr Jodie Toft

Dr Chris Tucker

Dr Josheena Naggea

Dr Susana Hancock

Dr Erica Dodds

Dr Ann Christianson

Dr Brian von Herzen

Social psychology

Dr Katy Milkman

Professor Leaf van Boven


Dr John Talberth

Professor Bill Rees


Peter Fiekowsky

Sharon Fiekowsky

David Henkel-Wallace

Rocio Herbert

Sarah Radcliffe

Julia Dederer

Justice, indigenous wisdom

Lora Pennington

Jay Bowen

Paula Sardinas

Politics & policy

Senator Dave Cortese

Senator Liz Lovelett

Daphne Wysham

Jordan Kronen


Brent Constantz

John Wettack


Hilda Berganza

Sharon Fiekowsly

Peter Fiekowsky

Rick Wayman

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