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Active Work Space

Active Work Space

Client: CleanTech Open North East

Project: East Coast Academy

Participating companies

Agriculture, Water, & Waste

Aclarity is developing and commercializing a patent-pending electrochemical water treatment technology that can remove metals, disinfect pathogens, and destroy harmful chemicals with very low levels of electricity and at a cost significantly less than competing technologies. Unlike existing technologies on the market, our system has a lifetime of 30 years with no filters to replace, chemical addition, nor water wasted. 

We have discovered an algae based solution for our global wastewater crisis, which also creates an atmospheric carbon remediation tool. The final products represent a biotech resource opportunity in biofuels production by capturing the value of the waste from the wastewater. We produce pure oxygen as a byproduct which will eliminate the need for aeration in wastewater treatment. Because the process is photosynthesis based, microscopic plants naturally perform this conversion.

Aquova’s intelligent power supplies utilize our Active Electrochemical Management Systems (AEMS) to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of electrochemical wastewater treatment plants. The AEMS is a combination of patentable hardware and software that utilize distinct real-time control procedures to enhance the performance of electrochemical wastewater treatment systems, by reducing total energy consumption required for treatment and improving final effluent quality so it may be recycled.

Biological Energy, has developed a breakthrough, patent-pending technology for wastewater treatment that is novel in its capacity to reduce energy use, drastically increases water treatment capacity and eliminates >95% of nutrients harmful to the environment.

CaDeIon is developing a novel desalination technology for small communities. The United States faces severe challenges to our ability to meet our current and future water needs. Incidents such as those in Flint, Michigan further illustrate the need for cost effective desalination technologies. Our material innovations in electrode materials and ion exchange membrane enable capacitive deionization (CDI) process that is 2x cheaper than Reverse Osmosis for low salt content water.

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Capro-X is using the power of naturally-occurring microbes to sustainably solve food-industry waste issues and produce natural bio-oils. Capro-X is using fermentation to solve the industry problem of acid whey handling.

The Insanerator is an energy and sanitation infrastructure that comes in a shipping container. Our goal is to burn poop in order to control waste pileups, kill dangerous bacteria, and harness the leftover energy. Besides saving lives, the Insanerator will make a profit for investors, encouraging rapid adoption.

We harvest clean drinking water from the air. We use sponge-like desiccant materials  to capture the water present in the atmosphere and solar energy to heat the material to release water. Our proof of concept can generate 10 litres in 24 hours and cost $700 buying all the parts at retail in the US, working out to a cost of 5 cents per litre of water over a 5 year ownership period. For our next prototype, we are testing direct solar thermal heating for greater energy efficiency.

Magnomer has developed a versatile magnetic material marker technology which can be inexpensively applied to any rigid plastic packaging (e.g. plastic cutlery, cups, lids). Our food-safe patent pending markers enable automated segregation of single-stream recyclables using industry-grade magnetic separators. With Magnomer’s magnetic marker, single-use plastics are transformed into eco-friendly zero waste items with high recycling rates that rely less on end-consumers’ correct recycling behavior.

Plastic bags and packaging film are the most difficult commodity to recycle, primarily due to the bag's shape. Obaggo makes a home appliance that changes the shape of your plastic bags and film, so they can be comingled in your curbside recycling bin. It is simple yet revolutionary, obvious yet paradigm shifting. The future of plastic bags is solid. (Company Development Program)

Onvector develops and sells patented, leading-edge technologies used to reduce costs in the treatment of highly contaminated wastewater. Plasma Vortex is used by manufacturers to decontaminate recalcitrant or expensive-to-treat industrial wastewater. This state-of-the-art high-voltage system uses plasma (or “lightning”) for advanced oxidation, bio-decontamination and purification.

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Information and 
Communications Technologies

Oyster Tracker is a farm management solutions for shellfish farms. We're optimizing husbandry for the growing, global aquaculture industry. We are building the simplest aquaculture management platform; It’s like a second brain that helps oyster farmers big and small manage their workers, optimize their lease activities, and plan their harvests.

Power Your World uses micro-inverter technology to turn unused kinetic energy from exercise into useable electricity. PYW’s platform allows people to make a meaningful impact by generating 100% clean electricity during their workout. This new workout experience tracks and rewards fitness with real impact while providing access to a social network of PYW users. The value created is much greater than the value of the electricity alone. 

Phytos develops and manufactures ground-breaking nanotechnologies and are used in agriculture and biomedical fields that fight against infectious disease. For agriculture, our customers are pesticide distributors who deliver pesticide products to their customer base. Our first technology is Phyto-X, a natural and food-grade emulsion platform that is loaded with power plant extracts and is capable of eliminating a broad range of pathogens and pests with no observed resistance overtime.

Sulis is introducing an energy-efficient, solar radiation-based photocatalytic water sanitation device to provide access to sanitized water to communities in need across the world, such as developing nations affected by neglected tropical diseases and developed nations affected by natural disasters. Based on groundbreaking research initiatives, the Sulis device operates under a broad range of conditions, is easily scalable, is relatively inexpensive, and does not rely on existing infrastructure.

Seaweeds grow immensely fast because they do not fight gravity the way terrestrial plants do. Together with the scale of ocean space available, we believe seaweed could be the most economical form of biomass available, usable in a variety of commercial applications. With proper farm systems and mechanization, we can access the ocean  and drive down costs similar to land-based farming. Cultivating seaweed also absorbs CO2, reduces ocean acidification and provides habitat. Large-scale seaweed farms can help restore ocean ecosystems.

At Triocup, we have developed a disposable paper cup that eliminates the need for the plastic lids. In the U.S. alone, 14 billion lids are used each year, contributing to 40 million kgs of plastic waste. Triocup is a lidless and ergonomic paper cup with flaps that fold closed to create a drinking spout. Our vision is to manufacture and distribute Triocup around the world using recyclable or compostable paper to save the earth from the wastefulness of traditional cups and plastic lids.

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Advanced Chemicals and Materials


Inspired by nature’s multi-scale and multi-dimensional materials, AirCrew has developed new catalytic solutions exhibiting superior performance characteristics and stability while utilizing ultra low loading of platinum group meta (PGM) nanoparticles (NPs). These catalysts have applications in fuel cells, mobile and stationary emissions control, and indoor air purification. 

CarbonSul creates low cost, environmentally friendly chemicals using recycled byproducts from the oil and gas industry. Our patented, platform biotechnology uses Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide to create valuable chemicals that make multi-use plastics. Our technology offers a source of sustainable chemicals that is economically feasible. We use low cost inputs to create non-commoditized outputs forming a reliable cost structure that generates consistent sources of value.

Kann Polymers Consulting

A new technology for the manufacturing of economically attractive, ecologically friendly soil biodegradable plastics has been developed and patented by the Kann Polymers Consulting. At the time when the planet is choking with plastic waste, finding the ways of making non-polluting plastics becomes a major global priority. Soil biodegradable films with targeted onset and rates of biodegradability for agricultural applications (e.g. mulch films) is the initial focus.

SNOWLITE is fully disposable Organic-Salt-Carpet that dissolves 5 or more inches of snow over 50 sq. ft. with no residuals, NO NEED FOR CLEANUP, as it is made of EPA & FDA Approved ALL-WATER-SOLUBLE ingredients. Simply, roll out SNOWLITE on the intended areas (e.g. stairs, sidewalk and driveway) before snowfall or on the top of fallen snow. With the lowest working temperature of -76° Fahrenheit, SNOWLITE will immediately dissolve and prevent further accumulation of snow.

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Energy Distribution

Grid-weak regions and island communities frequently have worse access to affordable, resilient, and clean energy solutions than their mainland counterparts - we want to change that. Access to electricity is crucial for life in the modern world. Whether it’s powering refrigeration systems for medicine, industrial machines for business, or simply keeping the lights on for a family dinner, Gridspan Energy wants to enable access to affordable and secure electricity for all island communities.

Lithio Storage's platform technology is an electrolyte that allows for Li-ion batteries to withstand an unprecedented -40C-100C. For large-format batteries (e.g. grid storage and EVs), heat generation is a problem that demands a thermal management system. Lithio Storage's technology saves 10% efficiency with the removal of an HVAC system for large-format systems.

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Energy Efficiency

Heat Inverse provides a thin-film photonics material that gets cold with zero-energy input. This technology is game changing for most systems with efficiency losses related to heat generation and exposure to the atmosphere --engines, batteries, electronics, solar panels, etc. For PV manufacturers, we provide a 2.5% efficiency increase. This market is $2B in the US and $5B globally.

Heliotrope Energy

We're a group of AI researchers and roboticists from Brown University developing innovative automation technologies for the renewable energy sector. We want to leverage our experience in machine learning and robotics to make it as cheap and easy as possible to develop, manage, and control renewable energy systems, and to ensure that they're running optimally in highly variable environments.

Saitec Offshore created SATH floating technology to globalize offshore wind at an affordable cost. SATH is a prestressed-concrete floating platform consisting of two cylindrical and horizontal hulls with conical ends linked to each other through bar-frame structures. SATH® is not only a competitive proposal for the deep water offshore development, but also a strong one to enter the market directly to compete economically with traditional bottom-fixed offshore wind at depths beyond 30m.

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Energy Generation

Aestus Inc.

There are currently no solutions for using low grade heat energy to produce electric power. Aestus Inc. is filling the void by crafting advanced Thermal-Magnetic Generators that operate by cycling magnetic materials over a range of temperatures. Using a unique set of alloys & design strategies, we are developing systems that can effectively convert waste heat below 500°F into useful electric power. This is where existing technology has proven inadequate and why we see a tremendous potential for our business.

Atlas Power Systems

Armed with a strong belief in unity and the childhood dream of ending planned blackouts, I asked myself what is the one thing we can do to meet the global electricity and water demand while simultaneously rendering the socio-economic, environmental and moral challenges associated with emerging technologies easier to tackle or null and void altogether? The answer I came up with is RI-CAES; which is a recycled isothermic compressed air energy system with an LCOE of 3.64 c/kWh.

Dimensional Energy’s Artificial Photosynthesis platform enables carbon dioxide utilization and lower costs in capital-intensive processes. A private report by McKinsey, commissioned by Global CO2 Initiative, estimates upwards of a $1.2 trillion opportunity if we can capture, purify, utilize, and sell products derived from fugitive CO2. Dimensional Energy is in contract with Royal Dutch Shell to develop Solar Fuel Technology through their Game Changer Program.


OPCL plans to install solar PV systems for its clients without any upfront payment but with a monthly repayment guaranteed by clients’ employers or their cooperative societies. The focused clienteles are largely low to medium income earners who cannot afford full upfront payment but can afford to pay over time. With over 1,000 off-takers for about 1kW systems, OOPCL plans to install about 1,000 systems in the first 2 years. (Company Development Program)

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Green Building

TechStyle Materials

We invented a multifunctional material that improves the energy efficiency, the comfort, and the durability of buildings in new ways. Our inexpensive material stores and releases heat; it stabilizes the humidity inside a building; and it actually pumps water vapor away from where it can cause damage. This thin material will replace vapor barriers and house wrap and deliver significant energy savings by serving as a phase change material, as a humidity buffer, and as a diode for water vapor.

Uficient Automated Thermal Window Shades reduce demand for natural gas immediately by blocking the transfer of thermal energy through windows. The opportunity is huge, with millions of windows across the country hemorrhaging heat each winter, particularly at night. The end result is a dramatically reduced need for natural gas in the first place, plus more comfortable work and living spaces for residents.

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Information and 
Communications Technologies

Acoustic Diagnostic Systems

Acoustic Diagnostic System provides a novel automation solution for oil and gas wells. Currently more than 90% of wells are ran manually, and the few existing automation solution are designed and priced for the top 1% producing wells. Using our novel patented sensor, we can infer the state of the pump deep underground by processing sound signals at the surface of the well. Our solution is 50x cheaper than what’s on the market and allows every producer to pump 5-10% more oil with a significantly reduced power consumption and maintenance costs while eliminating gas leaks at the wellhead.

How informed are you about the water you and your family drinks? Did you know that pH changes caused by pipe corrosion can affect health and can incur unnecessary costs to your community at the same time? Aquabytes delivers an affordable, simple to install, sensor that provides actionable information using artificial intelligence for individual homes, municipalities, and water utilities. Drink with confidence with Aquabytes! (Company Development Program)


Farmers lack access to high resolution information on soil health, leading them to make imprecise management decisions with highly detrimental consequences to yield and profit. We’ve developed a proprietary sensing system to generate high resolution maps of key soil health properties, namely Soil Compaction. With these maps, along with analytics and recommendations, we help farmers optimize their tilling operations, sustainably improve yield, and reduce cost.

Financing has been a major holdback to the actualization of the heralded energy transition as many cleantech startups are faced with a persisting risk-aversion from traditional investors such as VCs and corporate funds. Cleanvester ambitions to disrupt this stalemate by becoming the leading equity funding marketplace dedicated to Cleantech. The company’s main objective is to funnel more investment towards early-stage cleantech innovation. We are a bridge between investors willing to finance the energy transition and innovative cleantech entrepreneurs. (Company Development Program)

Dig.y.SoL™ focuses on creating relevant oversight platform technology targeted at compelling needs in the transportation and energy markets. An oversight platforms a synthesis of hardware and software focused on verifying the proper operation of a process, machine, or vehicle and enabling proscriptive action to maintain proper operation. Our lifestyles and work life have become one where on-demand, “here-and-now”, fulfillment of requests has become the norm.

LunchBox is a food & grocery shopping tool designed to help manage your food experience. LunchBox helps you find recipes, create shopping lists, add amazing savings/coupons all while connecting you to family and friends. While doings so, we encourage users to reduce their food waste & give them an easy platform to raise funds for their favorite charity as well. We are the one stop shop for a consumer focused solution on reducing food waste and simplifying your shopping trips

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GreenChoice™ aims to foster large communities of empowered consumers. We score groceries for health and sustainability, leveraging expert analysis and machine learning to aggregate and synthesize information on industry, companies and their products. Our GreenScores™ enable individuals to quickly identify products that align with their values, while our Personal GreenScore™ Tracking gives users a framework for measuring their consumer impact. (Company Development Program)

Inspired by the human nervous system, our unique, innovative sensor technology creates a “neuron network” and “cortex” for the medium, low and residential electric voltage network. Developed by NeuralNet, Inc., we are utilizing our hi-speed distribution sensors and controls to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy storage. NeuralNet will sell our sensors and data as a service to customers: electric utilities, micro-grid operators and virtual power plant operators.

We help municipal winter road maintenance operators by showing them where deicing material has been applied in real-time and over time durations. Our technology consists of cloud based software, mobile devices, wireless sensors and our innovation: increases road safety by reducing the chances that certain roadways are skipped, enables systematic movement through infrastructure with improved fleet coordination, and reduces redundant efforts saving municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Social Solar envisions implementing a comprehensive user-focused engagement platform (online “solar matchmaker”) enabling Low-Moderate Income (LMI) residents of The Upper West side of New York City to gain access to solar energy through Community Shared Solar (CSS) energy providers. Energy is complicated and confusing. We see a market matching problem in that potential solar customers are not being efficiently connected to solar developers. With so many choices, people are overwhelmed.

HVAC systems represent one of the largest components of building energy usage and carbon emissions. HVAC makes up of more than 51% of building energy use and a lot of this energy consumption is a result of not having accurate real-time measurements. Our vision at WeavAir is to reduce energy consumption and costs of HVAC systems through networked sensor add-ons for the HVAC systems. We use advanced sensors and predictive analytics to help building owners manage the HVAC systems more effectively.

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A system to support fleets of shared electric vehicles stored, charged and delivered in 100-vehicle hubs (Hives) equipped with robotic retrieval systems. Real estate incorporating MAKOTO offers convenient access to individual mobility without car ownership. Eliminating the need for parking, MAKOTO can yield greater density, significantly improving project economics. MAKOTO reduces traffic congestion and pollution, provides clean energy storage, and boosts renewables and grid resilience.

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