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An invitation to talk - an opportunity to listen
Creating a space for people to engage on some of the sensitive issues facing communities of the Pacific Northwest.
Generally, we all want the same things out of live: health, happiness and some prosperity. How we get these things - and how we hold on to them is where things can start to fall apart...
Disagreement is a part of life, and how we handle it defines the type of society we live in. Despite our democratic process, differences on many issues have reached a point where people are not listening to each other and their views may be based upon inaccurate information.
To create a space where opposing views can be presented and explored through a process of mutual respect and non-judgement.
A moderated debate takes place between three invited guests, an audience and a real-time social network.
We don't have to agree on everything, but getting to a place where we understand and appreciate the opposing views offers the possibility of finding a win-win scenario.
The space / Venue
Pop-Up Town Halls' is a mobile project, following the discussions to where the issues are rooted. So the venue is not fixed, but there are certain requirements that include:
Capacity for up to 100 people
A 'controlled' environment that is free from interruptions
An interesting environment (not just 4 bare walls & chairs) 
The facilitator(s)
You can't be an expert on every subject - and it's not necessary for this project. You just have to be:
Charismatic, unphazed, knowledgeable, able to ask the right questions - able to interact with our researchers to understand the key points from all perspectives.
Remain unbiased, objective and compassionate.
The invited panel of speakers
Our guests would be researched and selected on their relationship to the subject being debated.
There's usually three sides to a story:
Our three guests will reflect a broader spectrum of opinions, and support a less polarized discussion and debate.
The invited audience
The audience would be selected to reflect the range of views on the subject being discussed.
People that are connected to or affected by the subject would be sort after.
The online live audience
Using the networks of organizations that are connected to the topic will be encouraged to watch and participate.
Online participation
Online questions and responding or voting on particular questions will be an essential element of the program. 
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