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A company video is an essential element of any organization's communication tools.  Yet sharing a single video can be challenging:  by including all relevant elements within one video, many viewers switch off before they get to the part that's relevant to them.


A much better solution is to supplement an organizational video with a collection of shorter videos - each dedicated to a particular aspect of the organization’s services.


In the case of health care, this is particularly important, where a patient, or a friend / relative of patient may be looking for specific information, and not be prepared (or able) to watch a whole video. Attention span may also be a consideration in terms of business-to-business communications, funding proposals, and feedback for compliance.


We propose to create an interactive and user-friendly media platform to reside on your website, allowing far greater reach, depth, and understanding of the treatments, services, and values, that Didgwalic provides to the greater community. These individual videos would convert the website into a valuable utility / directory for those in need, and their friends and family members.

Content proposal

We propose producing a series of short, appealing videos, reflecting the services, philosophy and principals of Didgwalic. These videos would be presented individually on the Didgwalic website, as well as form the basis of the 'overall' organizational video.

Media elements

Who we are video

Description of contents


The opening video could be presented by a Swinomish councilor and senior Didgwalic team member.


The video would include visuals relating to the narration (see below), and general visuals of the center.

Suggested content for the narration could include:

Presented by a tribal elder/councilor:

"We are the Didgwalic Wellness Center, a service of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, supporting the health and wellness of all individuals suffering from substance use disorders, and provide the best possible tools to help them lead a healthy productive life

We believe that only by assisting the ‘whole person’, can we effectively address the damage caused by substance use disorder.

We also know that to achieve this, we need to remove the barriers to treatment that so many face.

Our name Didgwalic, is a Lushootseed word meaning ‘place where the camus was dug’.

The camus plant was abundant in our lands, providing food, medicine, beauty, and a sense of place."

The process video

3 Security check in - NO MASK.jpg

The second video would share information about the process of coming to Didgwalic - what to expect, from arrival, to registration, assessment, and treatment.

Emphasis would also be placed on removing barriers to treatment. This would be covered in more detail in the services videos.

This would be presented by clinicians & counselors

19 Mental health services - NO MASK.jpg

Treatment videos

10 Medical 2 - NO MASK.jpg

Individual videos on treatments would include the following subjects:

  • Medicine for Opioid Use Disorders (MOUD) (dispensing)

  • Harm Reduction Model – what is it? 

  • Medical overview 

  • Dental overview

  • SUD overview

  • Mental Health overview

  • Psychiatric overview

We propose producing a series of short video stories to highlight each of the treatments/services and how they benefit the individual and community. Each video would be approximately 3 mins long, be presented by the relevant doctor, clinician or helper, and include the following elements:

  • What I do

  • The principles of how this works

  • Why I do this (my passion)

  • How the patient benefits from the treatment

  • Outcomes (potential) - what patients can expect

  • A testimonial from a patient (optional)

7 Dosage -  NO MASK.jpg

Group class videos

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 10.29.34 AM.png

This series of videos would highlight the courses available to nurture personal growth, and to develop skills to manage some of the many challenges faced by patients. 

  • Parenting skills

  • Anger management

  • Gambling

  • Smoking cessation

  • Yoga

  • Acupuncture

Services video (removing barriers to treatment)

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 10.51.37 AM.png
14 Dental Care 2 - NO MASK.jpg

Removing barriers to treatment is an integral part of the Didgwalic health offering, allowing patients to receive a more sustained treatment program.  Services covered in this video would include:

  • Transportation

  • Child watch

  • Client services 

  • Resources for food

  • Resources for clothing

  • Housing support

  • Bus passes/ Gas cards

  • DOL assistance

  • Job search and resume writing

  • Social Security Administration applications/ assistance

  • Court forms

  • Transitional living residences

  • Cultural activities

Breakdown of video structure and related cost estimates

didgwalic video list pic.png
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