Family Quality of Life



The online talk show that engages, informs, and enables families to have a healthier quality of life

Health, nutrition, lifestyle and education


Family Quality of Life is a 22-minute online video talk show that invites experts and peers to share knowledge and experience on many of the important issues facing new and young families in the Pacific Northwest.


Each episode consist of the following elements

Discussion and responses to viewer questions and feedback are an effective way to connect and help improve understanding and lead to positive outcomes.

Broadcast platforms

Sponsor participation

Business model


Marketing / promotion



The video series will be published and shared across multiple platforms to maximize exposure

Family QOL is a a resource that will provide valuable, easy to understand information about current issues facing families.

Integrated social media allows the program content to be commented on, responded to, and shared to a greater audience.

Marketing and promotion of the series will involve a combination of:

    - Existing Transmediavision viewers

    - Paid Facebook ad links (viewer profiled)

    - Existing nonprofit databases

    - YouTube channel promotion

    - Marketing trade exchange (list/ database)

Demystifying seemingly confusing

rules and regulations - such as the

new child car seat regulations... 

Families share a lot in common - but every family also has unique needs 

Approximately 70-80% of mothers experience some form of depression. The statistics are daunting. We share advice from experts and peer support groups.