Live virtual events

With 'in-person' events being cancelled globally for the foreseeable future, Transmedia offers live, online solutions for organizations and companies that will allow companies to inform, engage - and fundraise.

Using portable video switching and streaming, Transmediavision offers dynamic live presentations that allow emcees to interact with their audience in real time.

Regardless of the size of your donor / sponsor base, the amount that can be raised in a ‘virtual’ event will be partly defined by how effectively you can engage with the audience.

Live events that are streamed aren't the same as live-streamed events

There is a current trend towards live-streaming events that have been pre-packaged and set for streaming at a specific time.  This is a technologically safe route to take, but allows for very little connection between you and the audience. In our observation, lack of connection with the audience really undermines fundraising potential.

Pace and flow

Unlike a sit-down event, where you’re basically committed to staying for the duration,  a virtual event needs to be far more compelling to keep the audience’s attention on a device on which they’re used to skimming from one subject to the next. Therefore, the emcee links and video inserts need to be carefully planned for a quick pace and easy, lively, entertaining flow.

Transmediavision (TMV)

Transmedia offers a system of combining live presentations with pre-packaged video stories to create an effective and lively dialogue with the audience in real time. This allows up-to-the-minute reportbacks on fundraising and any online auction processes. With many hundreds of hours of TV production experience, TMV can create technically and conceptually fluent online experiences that engage with the audience emotionally, and build compelling and motivating responses.

Event location

The Habitat for Humanity virtual event can take place at the Habitat Mount Vernon store, making the broadcast more relevant, authentic, and visually interesting, when interleaved with intriguing stories.

Media content and stories

I’ve viewed Habitat's media and feel that there’s some good and relevant content that can be edited to work within the event. However, new short stories and messages (+/-90 seconds) should be recorded specifically for the virtual event.  Again, this will increase the interest and earning potential of the event.

Pace is everything!

Pace is everything for virtual events. I recommend a maximum duration of 90 seconds for video messages and stories.

  • Volunteers

  • Donors

  • Sponsors

  • Employees

  • Recipients

Integration of technologies

The most important rule of any production is to keep it as simple as possible, so you can focus on content, not bells and whistles.

For fundraising and virtual auctions, we would run parallel broadcast systems and stream the auction (live impact) into the live feed.