Live virtual events

With 'in-person' events being cancelled or scaled down, for the foreseeable future, Transmedia offers live, online solutions for organizations and companies that allows them to inform, engage - and fundraise in effective ways.

Using portable video switching and streaming, Transmediavision offers dynamic live presentations that allow emcees to interact with their audience in real time.

Regardless of the size of your donor / sponsor base, the amount that can be raised in a ‘virtual’ event is partly dependent on how effectively you can engage with them.

Some of our recent events live-streamed events:

United Way Kick Off sponsor acknowledgement

Poetry Foundation Fund-raiser

United Way 2020 Fundraiser Drive

Poetry foundation Live Master Class - Nov 6th 

SWAN 2020 Fundraiser Drive (live Nov 9th)

SVC 2020 Fundraiser Drive (live Oct 22nd)

Pace and flow

Unlike a sit-down event, where you’re basically committed to staying for the duration,  a virtual event needs to be far more compelling to keep the audience’s attention on a device on which they’re used to skimming from one subject to the next. Therefore, the emcee links and video inserts need to be carefully planned for a quick pace and easy, lively, entertaining flow.

Transmediavision (TMV)

Transmedia offers a system of combining live presentations with pre-packaged video stories to create an effective and lively dialogue with the audience in real time. This allows up-to-the-minute reportbacks on fundraising and any online auction processes. With many hundreds of hours of TV production experience, TMV can create technically and conceptually fluent online experiences that engage with the audience emotionally, and build compelling and motivating responses.