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transmediavision client project page:   Palooza Interactive map

Here's a breakdown of the elements for the creation of the Palooza 2020 Interactive Map.

The purpose of the map is to allow families to connect with Skagit County resources and services that would normally be featured at a ‘Family Palooza’ event.



The interactive map, similar in look and feel to this one, will cover the whole of Skagit County.



The website will have a ‘watercolor’ filter and use icons similar to past Palooza posters – such as balloons and pinwheels.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.08.09 PM.png


Visitors will be able to search by:

  • Location (using the map)

  • Service or resource (using an alphabetized list)

We have planned this, based on:

  • 60 vendors/service providers

  • 8 filters (types of service)

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.08.49 PM.png

Service provider / resource ‘pop-up’

Each service provider or resource will be featured in a pop-up box similar to the one shown above, and will offer the following options:

  • Logo

  • Text description

  • Embedded video

  • Link to website

If a video is included, it will appear in a larger box than the one shown above.


The map will reside on a Family Palooza site.



Provision is made for sponsor logos with links to their respective websites.

Sponsorship marketing tools

To attract sponsors, we can create a short promotional video and develop a sponsorship opportunity sheet similar to the one I created for the physical event.

25 Sponsors Family Palooza 3[1]_Page_1.j

Printed materials

We can also modify the print materials we created to attract sponsors.

25 Sponsors Family Palooza 3[1]_Page_2.j
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