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About Us

Two Guys Under a Tree...


Conversations about life, balance, and responsibility


He’s been around the block a number of times, but young enough to relate to.

He's old enough to have learnt from his experiences.

He has the gift of telling it as it is, in a deep, but casual way.

He’s believable.

The street philosopher



Twenty-something -

Believes in the stories and traditions that he grew up with.

A mild sense of entitlement.

Has the seeds of patriarchy.

An open, honest face.

The innocent


Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 11.36.27 AM.png

A place of gathering, of sharing news, thoughts, and sports.

Depending on the culture: a shebeen or bar, a coffee shop, the edge of a soccer field. In this case, outskirts of a rural township

The setting

The conversation (the plan)

To stabilize community population and consumption growth through down-to-earth dialogue about men, life, aspirations, purpose and status. 

Macro thinking: Many kids, much stuff, infinite growth vs finite resources equals increasing poverty, decreasing time, reduced quality of life

Micro:  Kids and wives aren't just assets; they are happiness and legacy. My choices, my actions will make a difference - and I'll have more time for the soccer match.

Terms of reference

Engrained cultural beliefs, traditions of patriarchy and entitlement


Logic, economics, practicality, wellbeing, and happiness

The world is changing - do we really need 10 kids to work the fields anymore

Kids can still be insurance in a society without a social safety net for illness, old age

The first move

Adedayo and Debare sit at a table under the shade of a large jacaranda tree as a game of soccer plays out on a dusty field.

Recently acquainted, Adedayo asks Debare about his background – where he’s at in life. Work, sport, women…

Prince is happy to share stories of victories...

Adedayo shares his insights and experiences. He's not trying to sell anything to Prince - just 'looking out for him'.

Using a range of personal, practical examples to illustrate his points, Adedayo begins to persuade a skeptical Debare that there could be something in this..

The lightbulb moment

The future may not be what I've been led to believe, but there's ways for me to take control of my circumstances.



A talk show about life in a changing world

The 2 photos below are just for example


Statements are direct and efficient, but conversations are engaging...

Family matters is a talk-show about life (local) in an ever-changing world. More specifically, about family size, consumption, and quality of life.

To understand any issue, you have to understand the person, their background, and what motivates their thinking - and behavior.

The aim of the series is to address the fears and challenges, versus the benefits around a small family by articulating an understanding of the culture, as it relates to the subject of family, and the context of a changing world.


The talk show is moderated by a presenter who is emotionally articulate, knowledgable and sensitive to the topic, and is known.


Each episode is conducted in front of a live audience, who are invited to participate at the end of the discussion with questions.


Each episode would consist of the following people, which would define the direction of the program


  • Small family parents / why, how, challenges, benefits,  

  • Village elder

  • A matriarch

  • A patriarch

  • A young couple (newly married, or engaged)

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