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Popup Town Halls



We all experience too much polarity and tension in society these days. 


The political climate, internet trolls, bad weather and social changes have also escalated conflict in our social media dialogues. They've pitted neighbors, colleagues and families against each other.  

With Popup Town Halls, we aim to:

  • facilitate empowering, inspiring conversations

  • provide a space to help people find common ground and reclaim positivity and civility in public debates

  • address contentious issues with skilled facilitators trained in civil discourse/conflict mediation

  • help people determine where they sit on big issues facing society

  • help people connect with universals, rather than differences

  • build on Civil Discourse Skills workshops, giving people practical skills to de-escalate conflicts around them.

We are currently forming a project team and developing plans for lively, timely, entertaining and inspiring Popup Town Halls in Skagit and Whatcom Counties. 


The Popup Town Halls may address specific issues along some of the following themes:

  • Immigration and citizenship

  • Opioid addiction and recovery

  • Climate change and decarbonizing our society – Proposition 1631

  • County governance – Home Rule Skagit reform proposal

  • Single-use plastics – a Skagit County ban and its implications

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Skagit and Whatcom Counties, Washington

Popup Town Halls are a platform for social dialogue developed by John Bowey for Transmediavision


in partnership with

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