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Collaboration between TMV, WRA & Recovery Café

Converting statistics into stories

With 20 years in recovery and operating in several countries as Transmediavision (TMV), I’ve produced a range of video programming to create awareness and reduce stigma facing those in recovery. I’ve also developed a platform with social media to effectively share the programming. Since mid-January 2019, the Washington State videos have had around 19,000 views, and viewership is steadily growing.

Currently, I help the North Sound Recovery Coalition with their communications, creating their website and newsletter.


Next steps with WRA and Recovery Café

To take this work to the next level and have broader impact, it’s necessary to align with additional organizations and networks with similar objectives.


The natural synergies between TMV, WRA, and the Recovery Café can be explored through aligning TMV's media projects with your needs, as outlined below.

How media projects can support WRA and Recovery Café


Engage is a video series that explores, challenges and celebrates some of the main aspects of recovery. The format is a facilitated discussion, as a talk show or interview, with guests with direct experience, around a particular subject. Our goals are to:

  • Share knowledge and experience  to help those in similar situations;

  • "Broaden the constituency," through creating awareness and understanding outside recovery communities.

ENGAGE On The Road

By taking the ‘Engage’ program on the road and recording with audiences, we will have a lively ‘town hall’ format to debate issues, reflect on experiences and successes. This would travel to various towns throughout the state, especially those with an existing WRA presence.

The benefits of this format would include:

  • Expand awareness amongst the recovery communities.

  • Promote a greater bond between recovery communities.

  • Promote a greater bond between recovery and general communities.

  • Increase awareness outside the world of recovery.

  • Reduce stigma, misunderstanding and fear.

  • Inform and promote supportive legislation (through focused topics).

ENGAGE episodes

TRAILER 3a.jpg

Programs in development

'What did recovery do for you today?'

60-second shares that focus on gratitude and reflection.

Guest shares

Inspiring shares from people in recovery that ‘made it’.

World in recovery

13 countries, 13 different approaches to finding sustained recovery and quality of life, through social attitudes, practice, mindfulness, humility and service.  What can we learn from other countries?

Marketing support

An example of a short trailer / promo to promote a WRA event. Such approaches can support any WRA or Recovery Cafe events:


recovery programming

Here are some examples of TMV's recent projects that focus on recovery

Relationships & Recovery

Candice's story

Losing a child to addiction

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 4.55.04 PM.png

Hearts of light website

Hearts of light Trailer

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 4.57.45 PM.png

Engage website

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 4.56.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 4.59.26 PM.png

NSRC Newsletter

North Sound Recovery Coalition


within and  beyond recovery circles

I’ve broken down the world of recovery, into three basic categories, to illustrate the notion that in order to improve perceptions, support structures and funding, we also need to consider ways of exporting recovery beyond the current circles.

To achieve this, recovery needs to be presented not just as a solution (and necessity) for those who have been in addiction, but also to the majority of society living outside the 3 circles. The tools for recovery are relevant to nearly all forms of post trauma and suffering.

Also, those in recovery contribute enormously to society across the spectrum – from the arts to the sciences and everything in between. So, recovery is not just about receiving – it’s also about giving – contributing to society in a meaningful and tangible way.

The reset of the world

Supportive of recovery

Affected by those in recovery

In recovery

I believe that to expand awareness and understanding around recovery, we need to emphasize what we have to offer, as well as what we need. Recovery is a broad term, but within the context of people ‘in recovery’, the tools and methods available to us, would benefit a far broader section of society.

What we do in recovery has value far beyond its defined boundaries.

Social issues

A small selection of over projects that John Bowey produced, which deal with social issues

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