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Client proposal:

SWAN video recognition series

Here is a suggested outline for production, packaging and distribution of the Swan Recognition Event.


My understanding is that beginning in August, we will produce six profiles of outstanding women

recognized for their contributions to the Skagit community. The profiles will be released on a weekly basis, culminating in mid-September.


Each video would follow a generic format and consist of the following elements:


The first half would be images with narration:

  • The person

  • Brief overview of their background

  • Their contribution to the community

  • The outcomes of the work they do

The second half would be an interview with the person:

  • What motivated you to do this work?

  • What have been your main challenges?

  • What have been your successes?

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?

  • What’s your goal for the future of your community work?


To establish the video series, a brief overview video would be produced to introduce the project, and the value of recognition in achieving outstanding community service.  


At the conclusion of the video series, a brief finale video will be included to recap the whole series: a montage of all the women, with a message that reflects the values and mission of Skagit Women’s Alliance and Network.



Video content will be published and shared on social media according to an agreed strategy.

A video-embedded newsletter would be sent out to the database each week, profiling the nominee.

A website landing page would be created to include and archive all the videos.



Although this project isn’t a direct fundraising exercise, it would be beneficial to get recorded messages from sponsors, that would include:

  • Who I am & company name

  • Why we support SWAN and recognition of community service

Video landing page potential layout:

We are not judged by the situations we find ourselves in, but by the way we respond to them. The following videos are a tribute to some of the finest women on Skagit County who are making a difference in people's lives.

Video 1
Program overview
Video 2
Nominee One

Dorothy Elsner