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A proposal for the live broadcasting of TFF's monthly meetings
Shared gatherings
We can grow and diversify TFF's membership, broaden the constituency, unlock greater value of collective resources, build community, support engagement in meaningful conversations and increase income.
All this can be achieved by sharing our knowledge and values in a way that is self-funding.
My relationship with TFF goes back to 2017, after visiting one of your monthly meetings and producing a short overview video of TFF for the FutureFest event. In the process, I learnt more about the work you were doing - and the difference you are making. This supplements my family's experiences with developing the Transition movement overseas.
I see so much potential for TFF to develop in a number of ways to achieve the following:
  • Improve messaging
  • Create additional methods of funding
  • Extend the reach of community
  • Leverage your existing resources
Improve messaging and reach
The growth of online video is staggering. For better or worse, this is an undeniable source of information and ideas, and is being adapted across age, gender and income spectrums. By packaging information into a monthly broadcast, we can dramatically increase the reach and effectiveness of TFF projects and initiatives.
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.59.14 PM.png
Create additional methods of funding
  • There are donors who are genuinely altruistic and happy in the knowledge that their funds are supporting TFF.  

  • There are also sponsors (current and new) who would be more inclined to support an organization when their sponsorship is promoted.

  • Sponsors should be local and have values in line with TFF.

  • Examples of subtle sponsor credits could include:

    • This broadcast was brought to you by…

    • This living off grid sequence was brought to you by…

    • This ‘Garden to Table’ sequence was brought to you by…

Further developing community
  • Broadcasting and online interaction will attract a more diverse audience, which can be converted into TFF community.
Leverage your resources & create a lasting impact
  • Among the Transition Fidalgo membership, there is a wealth of information, ideas, stories and opinions. It is possible to unlock a far greater value in this wealth by sharing your content to a wider audience.
  • Regardless of how good TFF presentations are, the information and potential evaporates as the audience leaves the center.
  • Recorded content will be archived, can be repurposed, and is always available to members and relevant organizations.
  • Feedback / comments and analytics empower you to see what is working, what is not - and why.
Content is everything
In addition to the guest speakers, who have so much valuable information to share, there is a wealth of experience within TFF that can be shared with the broader community.
Suggestions include:
  • From garden to table 3-minute, monthly tips
  • Energy efficiency around the home 3-minute, monthly tips
  • The Gleaning Project - how you can be a part of this
  • The Fix It team!
  • Single use plastics - next steps
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 5.47.07 PM.png
Quality is also important
The quality of the average live community broadcast is not great... poor lighting, audio and un-imaginative camera work.
TransMediaVision will use multiple cameras, a graphic interface and video switching to produce a professionally finished program that will assist in raising sponsorship.
Broadcast content
Here's a rough example of what the content of a single broadcast could consist of - with a basic estimate of times. We normally wouldn't broadcast initial 'TFF housekeeping' elements.
Sharing the live event
Shared gatherings
Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 7.26.23 AM.png
One week or month before each scheduled TFF gathering, we advertise the broadcast on the TFF website, the newsletter, Facebook, and any other relevant email lists. We also ask friends to share with their friends and groups.
After the broadcast, the video will be available to view and comment on, using the same address/URL. 
There is also potential to develop content sharing and cross-marketing between other Transition groups. This process always opens the door to additional ways of collaborating.
A greater understanding of your community 
Live text / comments & questions
During the broadcast, online viewers will be able to text in questions and comments, which encourages a wider, more inclusive environment. We can also receive comments after the broadcast.
Live poll / voting
During the broadcast (and after), we can post polls around issues - e.g.
  • 'How many of you would support a ban on single use plastic bags?'
  • 'How many of you find the live broadcasts useful?' 😃
From the first broadcast, we would track viewership statistics for the live event and the monthly figures once the video is archived.
For TFF broadcasts to be sustainable, they need to be self funding, in a way that doesn't affect any current income streams.
Here is an example of how we could breakdown media content into sponsored sequences:
Sponsorship considerations
A general fundraising tool
Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 7.26.33 AM.png
By developing an effective online communications tool kit that has the ability to measure its own reach and effectiveness,  it becomes far easier to raise funds for future TFF projects. This doesn't happen overnight - it's a gradual journey to increase awareness - but with good ideas to share, it's much more than possible.
For the beginning, of a project like this, the examples of sponsorship income may be too high, but I know that with the content, ideas and initiatives of TFF, the audience will continue to grow and increase your income potential.
I'd like to suggest an initial fee of $500 and thereafter, base any payment on 25% percent of sponsorship that is raised as a result of the broadcasts.
There is a considerable amount of work involved in preparing a live broadcast, but I have many years of experience in this field in different countries, so the amount of additional involvement by TFF is minimal.
The production process would include the following steps:
  • Reserve channel address and share
  • Assist with promoting live event
  • Plan the broadcast sequence of events with TFF team
  • Gather any graphics or PowerPoint presentations
  • Import content into broadcast system.
  • Set up voting / poll system
  • Production setup cameras, audio, screen 
  • Streaming setup 
  • Live direction, cameras and audio
  • Manage analytics and report back
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