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Notes for a discussion with United Way Skagit
United Way Skagit

A response to the May1st release:
'Search for a communications and marketing manager'

We believe that we can meet and surpass the expectations of United Way Skagit, as described in the job description for Communications & Marketing Manager and in particular, the 2025 Bold Goal, with the three associated programs.

Our extensive experience in communications, production, and education would allow for a more seamless, cost-effective process.

John Bowey

Writer, producer, director, communications consultant:

Worked in media for over 20 years with a wide range of people and subjects. Documentaries, feature films, designed museum installations, directed live concerts with groups such as U2, Tina Turner. Worked with The Dalai Lama, Parliament of World Religions, numerous agencies, universities, corporates. 

Phoebe Barnard

Educator, strategist, writer, editor, content development and producer

Chief science and policy officer, Conservation Biology Institute, Affiliate (full) Professor, University of Washington, Bothell, Washington. 

What drives us

Our mission is to engage with communities in ways that promote a greater understanding of the social and environmental challenges we face.

Lack of understanding leads to fear, which leads to stigma and manifests in judgement: We work towards addressing and breaking this cycle.

The Transmediavision byline is ‘Engage and Transform’, which we promote through balanced dialogue.

Some of our recent work includes:

The Nature Conservancy

Storytelling through video as an effective tool for advancing your cause.

Cleantech Open    

We work with over 40 startup companies in the clean energy sector to bring together the story of their technology, business vision and passion into a video story and effectively publish it across social networks.

The Golden Rule Day Global Broadcast    

Promoting mutual respect through dialogue and understanding.

The Apology  

An event at the Duwamish longhouse in Seattle, creating a space to address past injustices through acknowledgement and apology.

The Anacortes Arts Festival 

The 2019 Arts festival in August will feature our installation ‘A child’s perspective on gun violence’. This is in support of a larger exhibit.

KAICIID Interfaith Dialogue 

A project for this interfaith peace studies institute in Vienna, promoting dialogue to avert conflict.

Engage: Online Talk Show video series

The series addresses the challenges and successes of recovery, including relationships, stigma, nutrition and homelessness.

Hearts of Light

Interviews with mothers who lost children to drug overdoses talk about their experiences and reach out to other mothers in similar situations.

Transition Fidalgo & Friends

Multi-camera - live broadcasting presentations on resilience and understanding the challenges society faces.

Conservation Biology Institute

Developing, producing & promoting the company overview.

Some of our Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most important elements of a communications strategy. Social media is immediate and promotes comment and discussion, but posts soon get buried as more content is published. Websites are great utilities, but people don't visit more than once, without being 'sent there' - which is where the newsletter comes in. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.48.07
Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.54.14

Below are some initial thoughts on how we would approach the marketing and communications for  United Way Skagit.

Internal general:

  • Understanding the internal business and process of United Way Skagit

  • Understand the roles of staff and their connections with projects, stakeholders, donors and the general public

  • Understand the interrelationships of all of the above

Outward, general:

  • Further develop community

  • Enhance sponsorship, donor and funding opportunities

  • Inspire and encourage volunteerism

  • Projects: 2025 goal

  • Become a ‘go-to’ resource

  • Inspire parents with the possibilities

  • Change the thinking

  • Change the behavior

  • Change the results


  • Audit of all media assets & online accounts

  • Define short & long-term objectives


In developing an approach to marketing & communications, listening is a great first step, and recording the process not only helps avoid inaccurate assumptions, but provides valuable insights into how to achieve your objectives. This is also a great way to make sponsors and donors feel they are an important part of the process. A sample size of between 5 & 10 per group would be enough to better understand the landscape.

Groups would include:

  • Parents

  • Sponsors

  • Donors

  • Related service providers

Defining and understanding the audience

For specific projects, the audience would include the same groups, with additional focus on secondary groups and organizations. Examples would be public libraries and community services. 

Campaign planning

Taking the objectives of the project, the learnings from the perception audit, importing the relevant statistics – to create an effective fact-based, emotional campaign.

Publishing / realtime analytics

Each campaign is unique when weighing up the objectives, the audience profiles and their viewing habits. We publish content in ways that allows different platforms such as the website, Facebook, Youtube and the newsletter to cross promote each other and encourage responses.

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