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Virtual event proposal

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There are  many variables in producing an online event, so reaching a budget is achieved by going through the suggested elements below, and working out which elements are relevant, and how they can be best captured.

Live events always present a degree of risk, due to the internet, so it's important to assess the benefits of going live, as opposed to pre-recording.

Next steps:

After reviewing the elements below, we can discuss the format, content and logistics, which will allow Transmediavision to give you a detailed quote.

Our budget range for this type of event is between $3,500 and $5,500

Content and approach

It’s always good to begin with the end in mind – which, in this case, is all about:

  • Fundraising

  • Connecting

  • Messaging

Virtual event – keeping your audience

Because your audience members are in a wide range of environments – all with possible distractions – retaining their attention is the biggest challenge. This is addressed by:

  • Content

  • Pace

  • Duration

Although you probably have a loyal following of parents and sponsors, to maximize the fundraising potential, it’s important to engage, message, and entertain the audience. This is best achieved by providing a wide variety of content, consisting of short, well-paced segments.

Suggested program elements:

  • Opening title sequence

  • MC

  • Overview video (the year in review)

  • Auction

  • Sponsor ‘Shout-outs’

  • Program info

  • Parent testimonials

  • Child testimonials

  • COVID challenges

  • Exec Director message

  • Feedback from children

  • Board members

Production elements

  • Title sequence

  • Graphics

  • Studio space

  • Equipment

  • Studio Crew

  • Post-production / packaging

  • Multi-stream: Online publishing & management

  • Script development

  • Rehearsal

  • Video 'Year in review'

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