SPARC Virtual event

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There are  many variables in producing an online event, so reaching a budgetis achieved through assessing the amount of work involved, and budgeting can be achieved by going through the elements below, and working out which elements are relevant, and how they can be best captured.

Live events always resent a degree of risk, due to the internet, so it's important to assess the benefits of going live, as opposed to pre-recording.

Next steps:

After reviewing the elements below, we can discuss the format, content and logistics, which will allow Transmediavision to give you a detailed quote.

Our budget range for this type of event is between $3,500 and $5,500

Content and approach

It’s always good to begin with the end in mind – which, in this case, is all about:

  • Fundraising

  • Connecting

  • Messaging

Virtual event – keeping your audience

Because your audience members are in a wide range of environments – all with possible distractions – retaining their attention is the biggest challenge. This is addressed by:

  • Content

  • Pace

  • Duration

Although you probably have a loyal following of parents and sponsors, to maximize the fundraising potential, it’s important to engage, message, and entertain the audience. This is best achieved by providing a wide variety of content, consisting of short, well-paced segments.

Suggested program elements:

  • Opening title sequence

  • MC

  • Overview video (the year in review)

  • Auction

  • Sponsor ‘Shout-outs’

  • Program info

  • Parent testimonials

  • Child testimonials

  • COVID challenges

  • Exec Director message

  • Feedback from children

  • Board members

Production elements

  • Title sequence

  • Graphics

  • Studio space

  • Equipment

  • Studio Crew

  • Post-production / packaging

  • Multi-stream: Online publishing & management

  • Script development

  • Rehearsal

  • Video 'Year in review'